This is an excellent options for someone who does not want to commit to online coaching but still wants a professional custom personal deadlift program.

Before you sign up, here is what you need :

- Camera

- Gym

- Internet Connection

- Spare time to allocate to training and food preperation.

After recieving your payment I will send you a questionnaire via email for you to answer in your own time and email me back so I can get started on your programming.
Remember : More information is better than less. And video feedback is always appriciated.

After your purchase:
You will receive a link to download a questionnaire to fill out in your own time and then you send it via email to me so I can start setting up your personalised deadlift periodization.

Stop dreaming about it and up your deadlift !

12 Week Personalised Deadlift Program

  • The questionnaire is in simple .rtf file format so it can be opened and filled out by most common apps on most mac, pc, and mobiles.

    If you have problems opening it. Please send me a request to receive it in a different text format via the " Contact " section on my website

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