New and improved version of the Figure 8 straps like the ones used for all the all time World Strongman Deadlift Record


Years of product development with top athletes is proof that the original figure 8 straps are the best training aid for the serious strength athlete.

Made with the original the heavy duty cotton canvas tried and tested.


  • The ones in the actual picture have been used to lift over 400kg over 50 times in training already
  • The original ones made have set 3 World records and still going strong as training aid for a retired WSM athlete after 5 years of Pro level competition wear and tear
  • Excellent for Deadlift training and grip periodization
  • Designed for durability and comfort
  • Developed by professional strongman athletes


Get your own original figure 8 straps made for the athletes by the athlete !

Deadlift Figure 8 Straps


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